Official Website of the North Carolina Bartram Trail Society


Green LeafThe NCBTS recommends the following links for hikers and other friends of the outdoors:

The Bartram Trail Conference
The Bartram Trail Conference works to promote interest in developing public access recreational trails (hiking, canoeing, biking and horseback riding) and botanical gardens within the corridor of Bartram’s route through in the individual states and to coordinate a regionally unified effort toward that end. The conference hosts a biennial meeting of members at an appropriate location along the Bartram trail corridor as well as other activities.

GORP (a.k.a. Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) was founded in 1995 by outdoor enthusiasts and world travelers Diane and Bill Greer. Tapping their own experiences, they created a web site ( that offers the freshest and most unique travel destinations and inspires viewer participation in everything from an afternoon hike to a weeks-long biking adventure. GORP visitors recount their own experiences and share information through a sophisticated menu of online forums, contests, discussions and cross marketing initiatives. They also have an online article about the North Carolina Bartram Trail.

Little Tennessee Stream Gauge
This site is provided courtesy of the USGS (Unites States Geological Survey). This is a “real-time” gauge of the height of the Little Tennessee River. Other useful information can also be found at the USGS site.

National Geographic Magazine
National Geographic featured the travels of William Bartram in an article both in print and on-line, March 2001.

Historic Bartram Gardens
Located less than 15 minutes from Center City Philadelphia, Historic Bartram’s Garden is the pre-revolutionary home of John Bartram. The John Bartram Association preserves, interprets, and enhances Historic Bartram’s Garden and its National Historic Landmark Bartram House; and builds awareness of the Bartram legacy of botany, art, and natural science