Official Website of the North Carolina Bartram Trail Society

About this site

This website was developed by NCBTS board member, Thomas Witherspoon. The NCBTS logo, tee shirt designs, and many of the other graphics in the website were created by NCBTS member, Heather Pittillo. The content is actively managed by the NCBTS Web Team, a volunteer group that updates and enhances our site content to best serve BT hikers and enthusiasts. Photographs were taken by various members of the NCBTS and Board of Directors.

Site Design and Framework

WP LogoThough you would never know it, the new NCBTS website is proudly powered by the open-source blogging engine, WordPress. WordPress allows our society the ability to manage the content of the NCBTS website from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet. For our purposes, WordPress serves us as a Content Management System, or CMS.

The basic template of the website is based on Wolfgang’s “Multiflex 3” design. This template was chosen because of its hierarchical left pane navigation and its overall flexibility. Ainslie Johnson adapted Wofgang’s Multiflex 3 template to work within the WordPress framework. It’s Ainslie’s WordPress theme that has been further developed to fit the needs of the NCBTS.Without the development time Wolfgang and Ainslie put into the Multiflex 3 template, our website would have taken much longer to deploy.

The NCBTS is most grateful for the time and effort these two developers put into our template, long before we adapted it for our use. The changes from the original Multiflex theme are substantial–the color palette, graphics, and certain site features have been altered to best suit the NCBTS’ needs.