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Looking Back…at the early days of the NC Bartram Trail Society

February 13th, 2010 by NC BTS

In September 2009, Dr. Dan Pittillo resigned from the Board of the North Carolina Bartram Society after serving as a Board member since the inception of the Society in 1977. Dan is the only remaining member of the original Board and the only one surviving who participated in the creation of the North Carolina Bartram Trail from its beginning in the 1970’s. During his 35 years of active involvement with the building and expansion of the trail, he has seen it grow from a gleam in the eyes of its founder, Walter McKelvey, to a well-maintained, more than 75-mile hiking trail popular with many outdoor enthusiasts. We thought Dan’s retirement would be an appropriate occasion to revisit for our membership the way the trail idea developed and was implemented and the context in which it was ultimately constructed and promoted.

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