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Piedmont College Workhike Photos

December 15th, 2008 by NC BTS

Piedmont College of Demorest, Georgia, has been an active annual partner of the NCBTS for years. Staffer Cindy Peterson has been bringing a group of Outdoor Club students to work on various projects each fall. The November 8, 2008 workhike project involved building a 24 foot bridge (with stringers and decking and 6 locust posts to support the guard rail) on Section 1 on Scaly Mountain. Staff from Piedmont College on this workhike are: Cindy Peterson, Deb Dooley and Tim Menzel, Assistant Professor of Ecology. Students are: Matt Burgess, Louis Cassamajor, Zack Thomaswick, Amanda Poland and Allyson Whittaker. BTS helpers for the work hike were: Dave Reid, John Stowers, Keith Day, Debbie Ryals and Tim Warren. Photos were taken by Debbie Ryals who also provided everyone with a tasty, hot, home-made chili dinner after the cold November day workhike.

BTS President Tim Warren directs the Piedmont College students while hauling locust logs cut onsite for the bridge hand rails.

BTS President Tim Warren directs the Piedmont College students while hauling locust logs cut onsite for the bridge hand rails. 


Here is a photo mid-way in the project of the bridge decking. This project was funded by our Adopt A Trail grant through the NC State Trails office. It is in Phase Two of the BTS’ overall plan to bridge the spans of creeks to reduce stream erosion and preserve the water quality of these important watershed streams.  


A new skill for the students:  learning to use an old-timey draw knife to remove the bark from the locust logs. That is going to look great on their resumes!





Amanda Poland and Allyson Whittaker help the guys position the locust logs for the bridge.  


Long time Bartram Trail maintainer, Mr. Keith Day, has been on hundreds of workhikes, and still going strong!  Dave Reid is getting things “decked out” by screwing the 2×8 decking material to the bridge stringers.



Faculty advisor Cindy Peterson pauses for a photo on the workhike in a rhododendron thicket.  


Assistant Ecology professor Tim Menzel pauses for lunch at the Bartram Trail workhike. 




BT Trail builder Dave Reid on the bridge as it being built and was also present on Dec. 13 when the guard rails were installed. 



Here is one of the tangible results of our monthly workhikes. Among other benefits are enjoyment of the outdoors, teamwork, community improvement… and most importantly, the feeling of accomplishment on every level. Pictured are Keith Day and Dave Reid. Photo by Bruce Johnson 

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