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Please ask Your Representative to Support Environmental Education

September 3rd, 2008 by NC BTS

House of Representatives to Vote On No Child Left Inside Act Next Week

The NCBTS supports the No Child Left Inside Coalition. We have posted their Action Alert below:No Child Left Inside Logo 

We received word today that the House of Representatives will vote on the No Child Left Inside Act of 2008 next week – either Tuesday, September 9 or Wednesday, September 10.

As we prepare for this critically important vote, now is the time for members of the Coalition to contact Congress. Please take a few minutes between now and next Tuesday and contact your representative to urge them to vote for the legislation (H.R. 3036) on the floor.

Below, we have included a Sample Letter to help you craft letters or emails to Congress. Customize your letter by including information about your organization’s interest in environmental education.

You can also email your representative through our website,, by clicking on “Contact Your Congressperson” and filling out the short form. If you want to place a phone call to your representative’s office, click here for their phone number.

The No Child Left Inside Coalition is growing every day and now has 700 member organizations, representing more than 40 million people who understand the value of environmental education. Now is the time for their voices to be heard in Washington.

For more information about the NCLI Act and our Coalition, visit And thanks for your support!

Abby Ybarra, Grassroots Coordinator

No Child Left Inside Coalition


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